MEDALTA 1924 Catalogue

The original company, named Medalta Stoneware Limited, was renamed Medalta Potteries Limited by new owners in 1924. The product line remained much the same as seen when comparing what is shown in this catalogue against the earlier 1922 list.

At this time, the oval company stamp remained in use with only the change from Stoneware Limited to Potteries Limited. In 1924, it appears that only the stoneware pieces such as crocks, churns, shouldered jugs, water coolers, kegs, filters, chicken fountains, pigs and pickle crocks were stamped. But within a year or two, Medalta Potteries started using smaller rubber stamps., one illustrated in the lower right of this page.

Because most of the small items were not marked with a factory stamp, few collectors have acquired pieces from this early period. This catalogue will help you find them, items such as the cane pitchers with a distinctive spur on the handle, the meat roster, the milk pans, the French pans and the harp jardiniere. Several major changes took place in the first couple of years: changing the shape of churns, adding handles and even changing from the smaller American gallon to the larger British imperial size. Letters in the Medalta file show that crock sizes were changed starting in 1926, but just when other products changed is not clear. It was no small job as the switch to the larger Imperial sizes meant that new moulds had to be made for everything. I should point out, though, that jugs were already in imperial sizes in 1922.

There are far to many changes for me to list them here, but look through the catalogue to see what new products were added such as the 5 lb. low butter crock, 10 gal. churn and the round top jugs. Some products were likely dropped such as battery jars and pickle display bowls as they are not illustrated in the 1924 catalogue.

When this catalogue was shared with collectors, it did lead to finding some of the illustrated items such as the harp jardiniere and the roasting pan. I have yet to hear of anyone finding a factory stamped piece.

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