Our Ceramic Manufacturing Heritage

A diversified ceramic industry once employed thousands of people in the Medicine Hat area. It was a time when our forefathers manufactured their own things, making for themselves the most basic objects used in life. And they built an industry to supply to rest of Canada!

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It is Time to Do It Again!

We have a historical tradition and the energy and clay resources the earth has given us are still here. Plainsman Clays is here to support you with information, equipment and supplies, they import from across North America and around the world.

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Large Factories Not Needed

Modern tech that our forefathers did not have makes it possible for an individual to make almost any of the objects companies made here in the past. And do it better. This site is not about promoting ceramic hobby and art, or heavy industry, it is about helping small manufacturers and individuals to produce our traditional ceramic objects, and new hi-tech parts - instead of getting them from China.

The Information You Need is Here

Medicine Hat is the home of Digitalfire.com, the world's leading online resource for technical information on traditional ceramics. This site runs on their servers and uses their technology and information products.

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