Medalta Humidor

Description: This is a humidor or tobacco jar is not documented in Medalta records.


Mel Vaselenak had the good fortune to acquire a rather unique tobacco jar or humidor. I cannot say much about it as his is the only specimen that I have seen or had reported to me, and so far it has not been identified in any of the Medalta records. It is quite different from what one would expect for a Medalta piece as the exterior is moulded to take on the appearance of bark or a piece of a branch. It stands 5.75” high and is 5” in diameter across the top and 4” in diameter across the bottom. The lid is recessed so that the knob does not extend above the top of the jar. The glaze is very dark at the top, almost black, leading to brown. My notes do not say if it was stoneware or earthenware, but it was marked with the Medalta M.3.b stamp indicating that it was designed around 1930.

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