One to be Discovered

There is still one oxide stamp that remains to be found on a product. It was used to mark the items made for Buscombe and Co. Limited. This firm was presumably in the Vancouver area as it is mentioned in letters to and from the Columbia-Orient Export and Import Co. Ltd., Medalta’s Vancouver agent. In April 1941 Medalta wrote: “...Do you wish us to put Buscombe’s stamp on the bottom as we used to do?”6Later in June 1941 Buscombe’s is mentioned again: “...We have a letter from this customer this morning that these goods are all back stamped Buscombe & Co. Ltd.... and we would here impress on you that the back stamps for Cassidys and Buscombes must only be used when a specific order calls for their use.”7

So there has to be another stamp out there somewhere! I would guess that it is similar to the Cassidy stamp (G.45), but we will have to wait and see

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