The Symonds’ Stamps

In closing this section on Medalta’s factory stamps, I would like to comment on the stamps illustrated in Symonds’ book. Perhaps some are wondering why I did not just keep their numbering system and add to it, for indeed it was a good piece of work. Perhaps I should have, but I thought it might be better to try to regroup them and place them more or less in the date order that they were used. To some extent, these goals have been met, but I must admit that further research will undoubtedly change, hopefully narrow, the date ranges that have been established. As new stamps are found - and I am sure that they will be as new ones have been found after ten years of research - they will have to be added at the end of each series. If a new Medalta Stoneware stamp shows up it will be away out of sequence, but there is really no way around this problem

In Appendix II and III, the Symonds’ number is given for cross reference purposes. In some instances, several of the Symonds’ stamps are treated as one, as it was the style name or number that the Symonds was showing. For example, Symonds’ 20, 28, 29 and 55 are all grouped together under my stamp M.15. Others like the Symonds’ 45 and 66 are only a difference in size or colour. Ones like numbers 49 and 62 are showing “Victory” and “Elite”, the pattern or style names.

There is one stamp in the Symonds’ book that I have not been able to find. Their stamp No. 31 should read “Canada” not “Alberta” at the bottom. The vase in their collection was glazed so heavily it was all but impossible to read, and it is only when I ran across other similar vases with a clear stamping that the exact wording could be determined.

One of the Symonds’ stamps, number 53, does not appear here at all as it is only the crest of the firm placing the order. Perhaps the RCAF crest should have been included as the name or crest is often the only indication that Medalta made the piece. But there are so many of them that Medalta’s named and crested ware is a study in itself. There were over 200 different stores ordering a piece combining their name with an Ogilvie advertising slogan. Just to show the different Ogilvie slogans and layouts would take some time as there were about twenty of them.

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