Size Markings: Diameters

A large number of Medalta’s products have size markings on them, and they are not always easy to interpret as they mean different things on different items - some are the diameter, some the height and others the contents. The impressed numerals found on the bottom of mixing bowls, casseroles, pie pans, meat pie pans, au lutin dishes and some spittoons all indicate the diameter of the item. At just what point Medalta measured the diameter is not too clear, as the outside measurements that I took are never in agreement with the size stamped into the bottom. The inside measurement is much closer. Usually, the diameter is expressed as a number alone, but one of the brown fluted stoneware bowls was followed by “IN”. Other items where the diameter is indicated by the size marking include jardinieres, bulb bowls, dog dishes, flower pots and their saucers, and hanging baskets. The number on some styles of jardinieres may be giving the height; it is really hard to tell as the actual measurements and impressed sizes differ so much.

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