You Can Help the Author’s Studies

My studies into the stamps and products of all the potteries located in Alberta are ongoing, and I would welcome hearing from collectors that have not yet been in touch with me. If you have stamps that are not included in this booklet, unusual pieces, uniquely finished items, advertising pieces, souvenirs, commemoratives or named hotel china, I would welcome a note or photograph advising me of what you have. Many of the items made by the smaller potteries such as P.I.E. (Provincial Industrial Enterprises) and the Gas City Pottery Limited are poorly known, and your help in documenting them is definitely needed.

As this is the first booklet in what I hope will be a series on Medalta and, time permitting, the other potteries in Alberta, perhaps you would like to drop me a note indicating that you would like your name added to a mailing list announcing further booklets in this series. Perhaps you just have a question or two that you would like answered - like the location or date of a named piece. I will try to reply to all letters that I get, but as this is my hobby, I will have to fit those letters into my spare time. Please send your questions, reports of new finds or wish to be advised of future publications to:

Ronald Getty
216 Maddock Way N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2A 3X3
(403) 273-1132

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